Therapeutic Massage

A variety of techniques, including relaxation massage, deep tissue manipulation and stretching are integrated to create a treatment specifically for you. Massage can be profoundly relaxing and help to relieve chronic pain and tension.

Pediatric Massage

Kids love massage, too! Learning to take care of one’s body and mind is the best lesson you can teach a child, massage can play a big role in that process. Massage is a great gift for the active (or stressed out) young person in your life. This special pricing applies to anyone aged 18 or younger or any student up to age 23.

Oncology Massage

Oncology Massage is therapeutic massage with adjustments to position, pressure, and technique that make it safe and effective for people with active cancer or cancer history. Research suggests that massage may reduce stress and anxiety, reduce pain, and improve the quality of sleep for people with active cancer or cancer history.


A form of massage specifically designed to meet the needs of the mother-to-be or new mother. Techniques are used to relieve pain and stress as well as reduce swelling in the legs, ankles and feet. Special cushions are used for fantastic comfort in a side-lying position.

Gratuities NOT accepted
Why? Read about that here.

90 minute massage … $120     Package of 5 … $575
60 minute massage … $100     Package of 5 … $475
30 minute massage … $60       Package of 5 … $275

Kids & students age 0-23 and seniors age 65 & up
90 minute massage … $105
60 minute massage … $80
30 minute massage … $40

Here’s the intake form to be filled out before your first massage.

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