Things I will and will not do when you come in for a massage.

 Things I will and will not do when you come in for a massage.There are many, many kinds of massage therapists. We’ve all got different styles, techniques, office setups, and radically different personalities.

It can be hard to just ‘pick a massage therapist’ off the internet. And it’s a risk to drop your hard-earned cash on a massage, not knowing if that therapist is right for you.

To help you figure out if I could be the right massage therapist for you, I’ve compiled a list of my wills and won’ts.

I will ask you how you are feeling, and what you need in a massage that day.
I will listen to your concerns and do my best to provide the treatment you request.
I will, very quietly, ask if I’ve fully addressed the area of concern, or if there’s any little nagging spot I’ve missed, before I move on.
I will make the room cooler or warmer or change the music at your request.
I will give you the full allotted time on the massage table. (Unless you’re late. That’s on you.)
I will adjust my pressure if I notice that you’re tensing up or flinching, and I’ll check in to be sure I’m not hurting you.
I will refer you to another practitioner if I think their techniques may help you more or faster than my massage skills.
I will help you find a massage therapist who is a good match for you, even if that therapist isn’t me.
I will probably trip over my rolling stool or bump into a wall. But after 10 years of practice, I’m pretty graceful about it, so you may not notice.


I will not clear your chakras or cleanse your aura.
I will not tell you that you have ‘knots’ and proceed to beat you up.
I will not initiate unnecessary conversation.
I will not play music with water noises or crickets or birds chirping. (Unless you bring it in and ask me to. Then it’s cool.)
I will not use any kind of scent without your prior approval.
I will not care if you leave your underwear, socks, or scuba suit on.
I will not regurgitate the absurd notions that you have toxins in your body that need to be ‘flushed out’, or that massage is even capable of doing that.
I will not belittle or blow off your pain or your concerns about your health.
I will not tell you how or when your partner’s/friend’s/brother’s massage was. I will not tell them about yours, either.
I will not give you the same exact massage over and over again. (Unless you ask me to.)
I will not call you a wimp, or a lightweight, or a sissy if you request less pressure.

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