Shop Local: the 2014 edition

everydayI love being a very small business. I love greeting every client myself and that most of you expect I’ll be clearing crumbs off my desk when you walk in the door. I love the board full of pictures of your babies. I love sharing my office with another very small business, and that I can call the owner of that business my friend.

It was TEN years ago that I started an internship at Kelley Boulevard Chiropractic and many of you have been my clients for exactly as long. In this month of being thankful, be assured you are all high on my gratitude list.

Shop Small

You’ve likely seen the ‘shop small business’ trend growing larger and larger. For me, I think it’s becoming less of a trend over the past few years and more of a regular habit. When I was thinking about holiday shopping this year, I realized how much I already favor small local businesses in my daily routine.

Here’s a list of all the small businesses I frequent, I hope if some are new to you, you’ll try them out!

Victoria’s Cafe

This fantastic little restaurant moved into the building right across the street from my office. Victoria and her family are North Attleboro locals, the food is great and the service is fantastic. They’ve got a great wifi connection so I can linger and work, too! Get the French omelet. Thank me later.

Robert’s Automotive

I love this place. You know how some auto shops make you feel all uncomfortable and scared like you’re going to get taken advantage of? I don’t know my transmission from my elbow and these guys never make me feel silly about that. I started taking my car to Bob several years ago, and really, it’s a pleasure. I know I’ll get great work at a fair price. When we decided my Corolla needed to be replaced, I test drove a potential car right over to the garage, and Bob’s guys checked it out top to bottom and gave me the thumbs up. (Yay! I have a new-to-me car! But sadly, no place to play my cassette tapes. )


I know that technically, Benny’s is a larger chain business. But I don’t care. You can get your winter sleds, windshield fluid and sunscreen here. Every store has that familiar smell of new Barbie dolls and auto tires, the manager wears a tie and the staff all wear the red vests/smocks. And I love it.

Bagels & Cream

This little mom & pop shop bakes their own bagels daily. And they are delish! Lots of coffee flavors and a really great wifi connection make this my office away from the office.

1 Stop Laundromat & Dry Cleaning

Seriously, do you think I wash twenty sets of massage linens a week myself? Not a chance. Barbara, Lillian and Fadia handle it all. I drop it off and pick it up and it’s incredibly easy. And sometimes Fadia gives me a hug. That’s pretty awesome.

Rockland Federal Credit Union

No fee checking, locations all over (I use North Attleboro and Mansfield most) Great online banking and an app for my iPhone. The staff is super nice and very kind when I mess up the math on my deposit slips. (Hey, we can’t all be good at everything!)

And don’t forget, you can get gift certificates for massage online instantly, 24/7, no hassle.

I hope you have a great holiday and enjoy visiting small businesses as much as I do!

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