You need a TEAM, not just one massage therapist.

Some people get massage simply to relax. Their goal is to unwind and get mellow and peaceful . Some people prefer really deep massage to treat pain and tension and soothe muscles that have been exerted during exercise or repetitive motion. Still others enjoy energy work, hot stones and fancy body scrubs and muds. And many people are like me: We want different things from a massage, depending on the day, current workout regimen and job-related stress levels.

I have four regular massage therapists and an acupuncturist. Really. I alternate between them, with regular appointments and the occasional, “Help, I’ve hurt myself” appointment for good measure. When the especially evil spot between my shoulder blades kicks up, Andria attacks it. When dental work pushed my jaw into outrage, Christie at Eastern Therapeutics calmed it down. Christina is the master of CranioSacral work, when I need gentle but powerful bodywork. You know those muscles the run up and down either side of your spine? Karleen keeps mine in great shape so I can keep working on yours. And Amber is the newest addition to the troupe, bringing in not just massage, but some seriously keen reflexology skills.

Needs vary, and so should your massage therapist. We simply can’t all be great at every technique (and any massage therapist who tells you otherwise is a hack), and I’m so fortunate to patronize and refer to a group of colleagues who all know our strengths, and work together so our clients get what they need. We are collaborative, never competitive, and we want what’s best for all of our clients.

There’s some practicality here, too. I’m traveling more this year and my rates will increase soon. If I’m out of town and you hurt your back, would’t it be great to already know another therapist? You could quickly make an appointment and get treated without all the hassle of meeting someone brand new and filling out new intake forms when you’re already feeling crappy. I want you to have a variety of options if I can’t fit you into the schedule and you’re in pain, or if you just want to try something different. Check out my resources page and of course, I can always help you decide who is the (other) perfect practitioner for you!

Give it a shot, I know you’ll love my friends.

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