I am not a runner

I am not a runner

not a runnerIt pains me a little bit to actually write that down. But it’s true. I’m not a runner. And I’m never gonna be.

I’ve tried to be a runner. I have the gear. I have the playlists. I’ve had spurts of motivation over the past 4 years, fueled alternately by joining friends running 5K’s, the waxing and waning desire to buff up, wanting to understand my runner clients’ pain, and originally, the need to get out of bed and stop being sad about a failed marriage.

But it’s never really stuck. I start training for an event, I slack off training, I run/walk intervals and finish just ahead of the walkers. I eat a cookie (or sometimes a steak). Rinse and repeat.

Today, somewhere between 1.5 and 1.78 miles of slow just-barely-jogging, I reconciled myself to this truth. In fact, I reveled in it. Because knowing what you’re not is just as important as knowing what you are. It’s liberating.

Now I don’t have to pretend I like inspiring quotes superimposed on pictures of well-toned women with sweat dripping down their faces. Now I don’t have to feel crappy and lazy when I see posts about a friend’s badass 12 mile run in the rain. I’m not a runner. So the graphics go unnoticed and I can just be happy for my friend’s badassness. I can walk and occasionally bust out a sprint if I’m feeling sassy.

But I’m not going to wallow in this epiphany for long. I’m moving on to what I am.

  • I am a massage therapist who tried out running to be better at treating runners, and also took a few golf lessons to be better at treating my golfers. (Also, I shot a bitchin’ round of mini-golf over the weekend.)
  • I am a business owner who donates to just about all the local fundraisers that ask me, and supports other small businesses with vigor.
  • I’m a practitioner with a great referral network, and if I can’t help you, I’ll find someone who can.
  • I am a colleague who mentors and supports other massage therapists, and works to keep us all in touch.

I’m a pretty good massage therapist. I might be a great one for you.

But I am not a runner. Just so we’re clear.

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